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Personalization is here to stay. It has proven to be not just another digital trend, but a way of serving customers in the most delightful way by recognizing their uniqueness, their specific needs and preferences.

Gensler Research Institute was publishing in the Experience Index that only 49% of experiences are driven by task-mode intentions. This means more than half of visitors to your store are there not for accomplishing something specific, but for whole other reasons like social engaging, entertainment or just wandering around exploring. And this is the space where you can stand out from your competition by providing the most suitable experiences at the right time.

Personalization works best when you have a variety of products and services in your offer and different customers use your products for different reasons in different moments. Think of the below criteria as your checklist to go through before deciding on personalization.

  1. You offer a large variety of products or services
  2. Your customers come from different geographic areas
  3. Your customers have different demographic profiles
  4. Your customers have various motivations to buy your products
  5. You have lots of data about your customers
  6. You spend a lot of time analyzing data about your customers and audience segments

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