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A personalized experience is an acknowledgment of the fact that you are listening and acting on your customer’s needs and preferences. By having a 1 to 1 dialogue with your customer can make him feel heard and will help you build a unique relationship that transforms a customer into a loyal one.

If you are at the beginning of your personalization journey or if what you’ve done so far doesn’t meet your expectations, consider the below 3 areas as your starting kit. By continuously improving these you will progress with your personalization and get better results with higher ROI.

Customer Experience

Customers’ expectations from brands are becoming higher and higher. Each and every one of your clients has unique wishes, specific needs and treating them individually by providing relevant experiences, content, and products create a relevant interaction. Think of every touchpoint as a good occasion to collect information about the customer and his needs. And leave machine-learning to do all the hard work to interpret the data and suggest the best recommendations.

Data & Culture

Data, analytics, and a data-driven culture are the basis that you need to lay down to truly move your KPIs. If you don’t yet have someone responsible for a data strategy, think about creating this role or delegate this responsibility to someone capable within your organization. Data collection, cleanup, and leverage are not easy, so you’ll need as much help as you can get. Consider getting the leadership team onboard to support the personalization initiative and to promote a test & learn culture across all functions. Only when all involved teams have committed to their data that you will start driving metrics forward in a consistent manner.


How are you planning to apply personalization to reach your targets? Make sure you allocate enough time to build a vision and define the use cases before diving into the implementation. Don’t rush into it. This way you will be able to properly assess and allocate the resources for a coordinated and managed personalization at scale. And don’t forget to test and adjust.

All 3 pillars need to be aligned to hold steady personalization that works and improves your KPIs.

What Is Your Personalization Maturity Level?

How far advanced you are in each of the 3 areas and what next steps you need to take?