Drive Customer Loyalty With Win1to1

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Using machine-learning technologies, we are collaborating with travel & hospitality companies towards anticipating travelers’ needs and wishes.

We want you to build strong relationships with your customers and drive loyalty by making them happy. This is why our goal is to tailor our personalization solutions to your specific needs and objectives.

We are certain that personalization can create exciting experiences to which guests will keep coming back. And because it’s a team effort to get you to this destination, we will work together on framing, prioritizing and planning the most important goals for your company’s strategy.
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Knowing your customers is the foundation of great service.

And we want to make sure you have all the information you need about each of your guests. With data updated in real time, you will have access to a 3600 view of customers’ unique preferences, needs and steps. This way you can demonstrate value and create a trust-based relationship.

In addition, Win1to1 will make it possible to personalize live your messages, your offers or on-site experiences. Keep your promises and ensure delight.

How Can Personalization Help My Business?

Personalized Product Recommendations

Inspire travelers by tailoring your messages with our machine-learning technologies. By looking at customers’ historical activity, like booking habits or spending trends, you can recommend specific services or experiences that your guests are interested in. Let’s maximize your click-through-rate together.

Promotions & Discounts

Be relevant in your promotions and your offers. A special price for extra luggage may not be suitable for a 3-days business trip, but it may be of interest to a family of 3 going on a 2-weeks’ vacation. Start transforming your marketing spend into revenue.


Be consistent across customers’ touchpoints by connecting all channels. An offer promoted via email should also be found in the website content, mobile app or other channels, creating a unified customer experience.

Start Tailoring Your Customer Experiences

Lead your way to cost efficiency and increased revenue through a greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Give your customers what they want right now.



Let's Discover How You Can Drive Loyalty With Personalization